University Programs Seminars

Seminars set up by University Programs faculty cover a variety of topics throughout the year. Students on and off campus are invited to attend to learn more about what is happening in the marine science community. Topics include oysters, restoration, hypoxia, and more. The majority of seminars are streamed live and archived to the Dauphin Island Sea Lab YouTube channel.

Please check back for information regarding the seminar schedule. You can also find details on our DISL Events Calendar

Upcoming Seminar:

Friday, February 17: 

Flushing Out Red Tide: Using Recirculating Aquaculture Systems to Purge Red Tide From Bivalves
Dr. Nicole R. Rody
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Most recent recorded seminar:

Past Seminars










  • January 22  - Joel Fodrie, UNC, Chapel Hill - Landscape Effects on the Fisheries Ecology and Ecosystem-service Delivery of a Temperate Estuary.
  • February 5 - Dr. Lee Smee, Texas A&M Univ. Corpus Christi - The World is my Oyster: Predator-Prey Interactions, Chemical Cues, and Genetic Diversity on Oyster Reef'
  • February 26 - Dr. Jeff Morris, UAB
  • March 5 - Dr. Christopher Anderson, AU
  • March 12 - Dr. Patty Sobecky, UA
  • March 16 - Dr. Richard B. Anderson, FIT
  • April 2 - Dr. Chuck Amsler, UAB
  • May 21 – Dr. Bill Dennison, UMCES


  • November 6 - Dr. Eric Peatman, Auburn University – “Fitting Mobile-Tensaw Delta Bass into the Black Bass Puzzle: New Molecular Tools and New Insights”
  • November 21 - Dr. Mark Butler, Old Dominion University – “Lobster Tales: Homelessness, Pestilence & Alien Encounters"
  • December 4 - Dr. Ari Daniel, Independent Science Reporter & Producer - "Carving Story out of Science"
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