Registration for New Graduate Students

  1. First register with your home institution and have a proof of registration as an image file or screen capture
  2. Complete the online DISL graduate application.-
    a.You will need a proof of registration from your home MESC school and you will need to upload digital file to your application
    b.Complete the vessel release and the medical release forms and have them notarized. You will upload these forms during the application process.
  3. Once you complete your application, you will receive a login to Populi via email.
  4. Login to Populi to register for the classes you want to take under the student tab. (see Example 1 below)
  5. Click the + or - icons to add or delete a class. (see Example 2 below)
  6. Press save when you have your preferred courses selected.

Registration for Returning Graduate Students

  1. Email your proof of registration to
  2. Login to with your username and password. Contact, if you forgot your login.
  3. Select the my profile tab, then the registration tab.
Example 1



Example 2